Top Cute Hairstyles for Women 2017-2018 to Put You on Center Stage

Young girls have different hairstyle option nowadays which they can adopt to change their entire style and add more charm to their look. Choosing a hairstyle is a serious matter so think and consult your stylist before going through any haircut. You should adopt hairstyle according to you face shape and hair type. Below are few hairstyles for women which will put you on centre stage.



Raspberry Pixie

Raspberry hairstyle is short pixie, which is amped up with shades of raspberry. The hairstyle is short from the sides while longer at the front and top area. Darker vivid raspberry shades are applied on the top section while lighter shades on the short sides. The hairstyle is simple and effortless which can be achieved in few steps. Apply styling product to wet hair and dry out. Run a straighter on hair to get the straight hair. Comb your hair in a side part and little lift from the front. Apply a holding spray at the end.T his hairstyle works on all face shape and medium to thick hair works well on this style.


Raspberry Pixie Hairstyle 2017 2018


Silver Blue Pixie

The silver blue pixie is a combination of the trending color which is hues of blue and silver. The pixie is longer and edges at the front. In this hairstyle you can add blue and silver color to get the centre point. The roots are kept bluish and length silver. The pixie is style by drying hair when damp and straightening is done on the layers. To hold the style you can apply a holding spray. This hairstyle suits almost every face structure. Hair that is medium or fine works well on the hairstyle.



Mod Crop

This is another hairstyle, which can put you on centre point. This hairstyle is achieved by having a blunt ends and full fringe cut. The bangs are shorter and straight. Using a reddish hair color with this hairstyle will never go wrong. This is a short pixie so don’t need too much accessories and product. To get the style, apply a gel or styling product on wet hair. Straight the hair after done with blow dries. Use fingers to adjust the hair and keep them in place. This kind of hairstyle can be adopted by any face shape and all hair type works well for it.


Relaxed Waves Haircuts for Women 2017 2018


Relaxed Waves

Women with long hair are always on centre point when the hair is styled by waves. The hairstyle is quite easy to style can simple and attraction. To get the hairstyle apply a styling cream on wet hair. Blow dry using a round brush. Apply a curling iron on length. Use fingers to make the curls loose and use a large teeth brush to convert them in waves. This hairstyle works on oval and round face structure. Hair that is medium to thick and long works well for the style.

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