Sexy Short Curly Hairstyles for 2017-2018

Short hair, don’t care! Short hair is all time favorite of ladies especially in summer. Working women prefer to carry short hair because it requires less time to get styled and quite simple to carry. Curls add more fun to short hair in summer and here are few sexy curly short hairs for 2017.


Short layered and curled bob

This layered bob is quite simple and beautiful which can be achieved by cutting hair in bob and tell your stylist to get the hair dry to get the perfect texture. The layered and curled bob is full of volume and looks amazing on everyone.

 The hairstyle can be achieved following a few easy steps. First apply a hair mousse on damp hair and heat up a curling iron. Create curls taking sections. When done run your fingers through the curls and make them look natural. Apply a holding spray to hold the curls.Ladies which oval and long face structure prefers to carry this hairstyle. Hair that is naturally curly and not that straight can works better with this hairstyle.


Short Layered Curl Bob Haircut 2017-2018


French fringe and curly short hairstyle

This hairstyle has a French braid at the front while curls on the lengths. You can make any updo of that curls or just carry it messy it looks perfect.To carry this hairstyle starts with applying styling cream on damp hair. Take a section of hair from the front and keep it straight downward toward the face. Now create a French braid on that section or fringe. Secure the end with elastic. Heat a curling iron and curl the remaining hair. Pin the curled length on the crown and rock.

 This hairstyle is perfect for hair that is medium to thick in density. Ladies with all face structure can adopt this hairstyle.


Layered and side swept bangs curly hairstyle

This layered short hair is full of fun and drama. The heavy side bangs make the look more attractive. This hairstyle can be achieved by, first apply hair mousse on wet hair. Heat up a curling iron and create curls. Create curls on the bangs in an outward direction. Use your fingers to adjust the bangs in place. Apply a holding product.

This hairstyle works well on oval, square and heart face structure. Hair that is medium to thick in density works well with this hairstyle.


Short Layered Curly Haircut with Side Bangs 2017-2018


Beachy curled hairstyle

The beachy curled hairstyle is styled in a side part with silky bangs which has curled back and sides. The hairstyle can be carried during summer for all events.

To get the style, apply hair mousse to wet hair and blow dry it. Heat up a curling iron and create curls on the lengths. Don’t create curls on the bangs. Keep the bangs in a side part and apply a holding spray.Oval, and square face structure are ideal for this hairstyle. Fine to medium hair works on this hairstyle.

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