Michael Fred Phelps II

He is known to achieve a number of 22 medals in the Olympics. Not only he is known for his medals that he has been achieving throughout the Olympics but also he is recognized as to be one of the all time record holder for Olympic gold medals which is number of 18 in figures that is double the second high record holder, he has achieved Olympic medals for male in individual events as well that is 13 medals in total (for this category), 11 Olympic gold medals in separate event. Keeping the Olympic talk aside we can also proudly tell you about this American swimmer who has achieved 8 gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Games. Phelps is known to taken the record of the most first place to finish awards at any major single Olympic games that has been held. We can tell you more about his victories from the above mentioned by describing about the 5 victories of those that were based on individual event. Two silver medals were also taken by Phelps which scored him to be indeed the most known and successful athlete of all times especially in the Olympics Games in a row. Phelps is also known to be the world record holder in the long course for the 200 meter butterfly as well as the 100 meter butterfly. Not only have these two but also for the 400 metered individual medley as well. His winnings in international long course competition made him win 77 medals which can be categorized as in 61 in gold, 13 in silver and 3 in bronze spanning the World, Olympics and Pan Pacific. Due to immense success in his swimming career this surely earned him a spot for the World swimmer of the year award. This award was given to him 7 times. Not only was he given the World Swimmer of the year award but also he was awarded with American Swimmer of the year award which can be calculated 9 times in total. Phelps success earned him Sportsman of the Year award as well. Taking a break from his numerous success moving on we will now talk about the famous Michael Phelps Foundation that was started after the 2008 summer Olympics. This foundation focuses on the promotion of healthier lifestyles as well on the emphasis of how much swimming has casted its shadow over the world and how this sport has been growing an influential role on the world now. Phelps is described as a solitary man. He is known to be kind hearted by many people that know him. In 2015 we came to know that Phelps is engaged to Nicole Johnson.


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