Tiger Woods

He is considered to be the most successful player of golf amongst other players. With starting as an amateur who had been outstanding in his performance while playing golf his professional career started at a very early age in his 20s in 1996. Not only had he won his first major but his record breaking performance had made him recognizable by his famous 12 strokes. Woods is known to be broken so many golf records that we cannot count track of. He has been named as the very infamous number golf player so many continuous weeks. With his achievement we can enlist a few of them here such as the PGA Player of the Year, Byron Nelson Award. Not only his list of achievements stop here but also he has won 14 major golf champion and 18 World Golf Championships. While being the youngest player with such credibility in his talent has won a Gold and Silver medal in the Open Championship. With putting a stop to his achievements let us study apart of where Mr. Tiger other interests stands. By starting off with his talent in writing columns, Tiger wrote numerous articles based on gold instruction from 1997 to 2011 to Golf digest magazine. Being so famous he opt to write a book as well in 2001. This book named as “How I Play Golf” has been sold successfully and it broke the record of the largest print on any golf book. Its first edition sold out 1.5 million copies. Now moving onto Tiger Woods personal life in 2013 on March 18 we heard rumors that skier Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods were dating and seeing each other. With so much stress on his career Woods went under eye laser surgery. Let us remind you that Tiger’s eyesight was minus 11. By having this surgery in 1999 he claimed this to be a great help for him attaining achievements even more in his career and of course a relief from those lenses (contact) and glasses. On 2009 it is known that Tiger Woods took a visit to the White House. But Tiger Woods is entitled to be voting as an independent. Now focusing on his religion and shedding light as to what religion he follows Tiger is said to be raised as a Buddhist but he left practicing as he didn’t believe every aspect of this religion. Buddhism according to him is about restraining yourself and stop implementing on what your guts tell you to do. Tiger woods’ is definitely a cherished sports person by millions. Everybody loves him to play and everyone wants to follow themselves in his tracks. We hope he brings many more achievements and does not disappoint us does not disappoint golf itself.


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