Ryan Steven Lochte

Due to his seven individual medals that has been given to him this ranks him near the top in the men’s swimming department. Being a part and serving in the American team he is known to withhold the world record for the 4x200 meter freetstyle relay. This freestyle relay is known to be for the long course. Seperately he is also known to hold the world record for the 400 meter indvidiual medley which is of short course as well as for the 100 meter individual medley. Not only these two but Ryan Steven Lochte is also known to hold the world record for the 200 meter individual medley for the long and short course. Due to his ongoing success one after the another Ryan Steven Lochte has definitely earned him a spot to be crowned with the award for the World Swimmer of the Year as well as for the American Swimmer of the Year (twice). If calculating his success in terms of medals we can tell you that Ryan Steven Lochte has won a total of 77 medals. These medals were won in major international completions. These medals if categorized we can elaborate the details by telling you that he has attained 49 gold medals, 17 silver meals as well as 11 bronze medals. These medals were span in the Olympics, Pan Pacific championships, Pan American Championships as well as the World Championships. Ryan Steven Lochte on August 1st 2012 had his personal catchphrase trademarked with the U.S. Patent & Trademark office. Ryan Steven Lochte catchphrase is known to be “ Jeah”. There were a lot of rumors and gossips in the Australian press links about Ryan Steven Lochte seeing Australian Swimmer Blair Evans. Ryan Steven Lochte’s mother came forth and accepted telling the press to back off and give his son some time as he was too busy in a relationship and it wouldn’t be fair to girl herself. Before participating 2012 Summer Olympics It was estimated by Fortune magazine that Ryan Steven Lochte had already earned $2.3 million from different endorsements deals such as the following: 1) Nissan 2) Speedo 3) Procter and Gamble 4) Ralph Lauren 5) Gillette 6) AT& T. Nor has he only been tied with endorsements deals but also has appeared in different commercials such as Nissan Altima. We can also see this man on different covers of magazine such as Time, Men’s Journal, Vogue as well as Men’s health.NPR named Lochte as their "platonic ideal of bro-dom". Ryan Steven Lochte persona and character in public has inspired people for a series of uninspiring and unflattering interent memes that can be seen all over the internet.

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