Matthew Nicholas Biondi

Matthew is known to compete in the Summer Olympic Games in 1992, 1988. This made him won a total of 11 medals which were 8 gold, 2 silver medals and one bronze medal. While he was busy in his career he is seen to set the individual world records in 100 meter freestyle, not only the 100 meter freestyle but also the 50 meter freestyle. Matthew Nicholas Biondi is known to won 5 gold medals in the 1988 Olympic Games that was held in Seoul. This made his set the world record in the three relay events as well in the 50 meter freestyle. Matthew is also known to be the member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. This is due to his unique swimming ability as well as his extremely brilliant skills of managing to keep such a world record. Not only he is casted a member to the above mentioned hall of fame but is also the member of the United States of Olympic Hall of Fame. So the question starts where this aspiring man started his carrier from. Matthew Nicholas Biondi started his career as an aquatic swimmer and water polo player from his hometown that is Moraga California. Due to his brilliant abilities as a sprint swimmer in his teenage years he began to emerge fully and adapt the same qualities as professionals do. He is known to be the top sprinter schoolboy in American in his senior year with the most highest school record in the 5o yard freestyle that is 20.40 seconds. This made his earn a scholarship to attend the most famous university which is University of California Berkeley. Matthew has competed in 1986 and 1991 in the World Championships in which he has scored six gold medals. He has also won three fold medals in 1986 along with one silver and three bronzes. This has been set as a record of attaining a set of 7 medals at once in the World Championship. Now talking a bit about his personal life we already know that he was enrolled in University of California but we might as add that he graduated from there in 1998 with a Bachelor of Art degree in Political Economy on Industrialized Societies. He continued his education and earned his master’s degree in education in 2000 on behalf of his wife requests who persuaded to further continue his studies. He is known to be married to Kirsten Metzger. They both have three children. In recent years, Biondi has worked as a school teacher and swimming coach in Hawaii. As of 2012, he has been hired to teach math and coach at Sierra Canyon School in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Chatsworth.

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