Marta Menegatti Volleyball

Marta Menegatti is known as well known Italian Volleyball player and has gained many fans over the years due to her dedication and love for the game. She started off playing indoor volleyball then moved on to the beach volleyball that is much more exciting version of the game and has a huge fan following all around the world. She also has the honor of completing first Olympics at the mere age of 21 years. That a big achievement for any sports person or in other words can be termed as a dream come true for many.

For anyone who is related to sports playing in Olympics is the biggest achievement. She was passionate about the sport since the age of 9 and wanted to achieve the height of success. At the age of 15 she shifted to Ravenna where she had the chance to play both in B1 and B2 series. By the age of 19 she was European champion in beach volleyball series. Through her dedication and sheer hard work she gradually moved up on the ladder of success. She has won many medals and gained lot of success because she is passionate about this sport and has a long way to go as she is still young.

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