Mark Andrew Spitz

This was only expected and can be done by none other than Michael Phelps. He also is known to take away 8 gold medals in the summer Olympics in Beijing which was hosted in 2008. Mark Andrew Spitz when competing in 1972 is known to be the world record setter in all seven events. This record is known to be standing up-till this date. No swimmer has been able to since 1990 has broken Mark’s record and gained a better off percentage with all the medals that has been awarded to him in the Olympic events that were single handedly given out to him in a single game. Mathew’s first international competition was the 1965 Maccabiah games. He was just 15 years old when he won 4 gold medals there. He was also named as the most aspiring and outstanding athlete. He also had the honor to lit a torch to open the Maccabiah games. With such titles that had been given to him after his one on one successes that came pouring down he was in 2005 known to become a member of the U.S. delegation at the 15th Maccabiah Games. His hall of fames includes International Swimming Hall of Fame, Inducted 1977,International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, Inducted 1979,United States Olympic Hall of Fame, Inducted 1983, San Jose Sports Hall of Fame, inducted Wednesday, November 14, 2007,National Jewish Museum Sports Hall of Fame, Inducted 2007. While his hall of fames credenitals are numerous we shall also be highlighting Mark’s participation in the Pan American Games. He is known to be the holder of 5 gold medals there in the 1967 PAG. This was known to set a record that was withheld till 2007 that made it impossible for everyone to break it until Thiago Pereira came and broke the record. Thiago is known be a Brazilian swimmer. Mark wearing his seven gold medals and posing in a swimsuit ultimately became the hottest pinup since Betty Grable. Mark has also participated in different TV shows such as Emergency, The Sonny and Cher Comedy hour and etc. In an era where swimmers would remove their body hair Mark is known to grow a moustache. When asked upon the reason he stated that he was told he couldn’t grow one. This was to portray as a rebellious act. Although it took him time to grow but eventually he did. His moustache was known to be his good luck piece. Mark’s hobbies include sailing as well as skiing. He has also known to be appeared in a commercial. This commercial was for Lear Capital which is basically a gold investment company. He has also be known to appear in a number of Schick razors commercials as well as for play station.


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