Maria Sharapova

We can name a few of them such as the 2012 and 2014 French Open as well as a bright silver medal for women’s single in the 2012 Olympics. She is known to be successful in building a marketing brand empire on the basis of her career that has been not only successful but also famous as well. We can certainly let you in on that empire’s name that is Grand Slam (Wimbledon, French, Australian as well as U.S. Opens). This has been built solely on her successful career but many say that her good looks have also a hand in it and we couldn’t have had agreed more. Sharapova’s is always on the top level in her tournaments and her charming charisma, beauty and talent can be credited for it who has a line of corporate suitors awaiting for their hand in marriage. She has been classified as the ninth best female tennis player (this has been ranked by none other than WTA). Discussing her successful career is just not enough for one to tell the tales about this fine young woman. As we have been mentioning above about her beauty we can certainly tell you that her pretty looks have led the path to popularity and has been assigned by many famous companies such as Tiffany & Co as well as by Nike too. She is an easy going girl and can easily fit in any role in to pose and hey the screen loves her as well. Maria was known to be engaged with the most famous professional basketball player Sasha Vujacic (Slovenian). But after a year of being in a relationship and being engaged, two years later on the engagement was called off by Maria during a post match conference. Now Maria is single and enjoying her success as well as the line of suitors all by herself. We can tell you she is one tough player and even her engagement being broken off didn’t stop her from fighting her dream and stopping her will to win.


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