Linda Cohn

But this has been erased on a huge level of amount in the present time and progress has been made in which woman are equally given a chance of respect. While talking such lows in attaining a place Linda Cohn can be surprisingly be taken as an example where women who still have to fight for their rights in this field this lady has made an exemplary example for all the ladies out there and she has given true hope. Talking about her success comes the introduction of herself as to how she attained a place as an American sportscaster. She was initially hired by the Worldwide Leader in the year 1992. But with her versatile  style of speaking as a sportscaster she sure has made many love her of her ability and that exquisite personality that she blossoms on the network.  Something distuinghes her and we all love about that but surely she does not spot a chance of being the hottest women in sports media. We won’t admit it’s because she is not attractive because she certainly is but it may be due to the reasons of her wry sense of humor that doesn’t make her much feminine as like the others. 

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