Kosuke Kitajima

He is known to won several medals which includes gold medals. These gold medals are known to be taken for the 200m and 100m breaststroke. These both were held at Athens in 2004 as well as in Beijing in 2008. Both events are related towards Summer Olympic Games. Talking about his major achievements Kosuke Kitajima is known to be a famous swimmer who has dedicated his life to be on the top. He is known to set the world record holder for the 100 m breaststroke. This was set in 2008 in the Beijing Olympics. He is known to be a dedicated and decorated swimmer in the world championships. Although he did set a world record but as this mark was modified and bettered by the following two people: 1) Brenton Rickard who came as the first person to better the mark of the 100 m 2) and the second person who has bettered Kosuke Kitajima is Cameron van der Burgh. In the 4x100 m medley relay he is known to swipe the bronze medal as an accomplished in the same Olympics. He is known to edge out his very main and important opponent who was Brendan Hanses. He finished fourth while Kosuke Kitajima is known to set the world record and achieving a gold medal. He received four gold medals, one silver and two bronze medals in total at the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympics. While talking about all his achievements we want to discuss one of his personal best in long course swimming pools which are 50 m breaststroke: 27.78 (27 July 2005),100 m breaststroke: 58.90 (3 April 2012), 200 m breaststroke: 2:07.51 (8 June 2008). These are known be his best of the best achievements. Kosuke Kitajima most well known significant rival in the breast stroke is known to be none other than Brendan Hansen. He is known to duel with Brendan in the following events: 1) 2004 Summer Olympics 2) 2005 World Championship 3) 2003 World Champion.. Kosuke Kitajima although known to set the world record for 100 m and 200 m but it certainly didn’t last long and has been overcome by Dimitri and then later on by none other than his significant rival Brendan. Kitajima regained the world record (58.91) in the 100 m at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Kitajima regained the 200 m breaststroke world record in June 2008 at the Japan Open. His time of 2:07.51 shaved nearly a second off the previous record of 2:08.50 set by Hansen in 2006. We hope he keep taking his achievements to a brand new level and keep setting records. His fantastic skills has surely made him popular as being a Japanese and has brought a lot of pride to his nation.


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