Heather Mitts Footballer

Heather Mills is a well known American soccer player who started playing the game from the minor age of 6. She played soccer throughout her student life and helped her high school team in winning many titles. She is a soccer star who has been known for her good looks and beautiful game style. Heather Mitts was given an athletic scholarship by the University of Florida in Gainesville where she played for the university team and led them to some victories as well. She went on receiving a degree in adverting. She is also inducted in the University Hall of fame.

Heather Mitts is well known among her fans because of her sexy good looks and her soccer skills. Her looks helped her in starting her modeling career. She received the honor of sexiest player by a poll carried out by the play boy magazine. ESPN declared her as the hottest athlete and Philadelphia magazine added her in the sexiest singles. She has also modeled for the swimsuit issue of magazine sports illustrated. She has also worked as television commentator and a reporter as well. She is a star soccer player whose name will definitely go down in history books.

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