9 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women 2017-2018

1. Barely There & Veil

A lot of women like to choose the shave hair very short. The Barely There & Veil hairstyle can look beautiful with a shroud of your choice. The hat and veil combination looks very stylish and it is very easy to do.


2. Big Bun & Braid

The huge bun makes a definitive smooth updo for a wedding. The vast braid wrapped around the bun is holding the bun up. The outcome is a probably idealizing the bun that will hold up all throughout a long day and night wedding function.


Wedding bun braid for black women 2017-2018


3. Big Luscious Shoulder Touching Curls

The curls have some astonishing volume and are super charming. To get this look you can utilize hair extension that if you don't have the regular volume. This may very well be a look that you need to keep after your big day.


4. Big Curl & Smooth Side Sweep Updo

This sweet updo is so beautiful for the bride. The well-defined curls, side swept, veil, and pearl look over make for a staggering wedding photograph. Everyone's eyes will be on you with this look.


5. Straight Full Braid

As the braid is amongst the most essential and wonderful things you can do to get a hot wedding hairstyle. This side cleared huge braid  is sentimental and despite the fact that this mesh is to some degree plain, you can twist a variety of ways and consolidate a wide range of diamonds, pearls and so on into your look.


6. Braided Pompadour Updo

This hairstyle pompadour keeps hair delightful and set up. You can include some pearl or diamond tipped pins for an all the more shining impact. This look may appear somewhat confounded, however it is not, and you can without much of a stretch include some hair to get the volume required.


7. Cornrows to Curly Updo

Cornrows hairstyle idea can be a lovely thought on an updo and help hair remain together. This is a pretty search that is perfect for special events of life like wedding. There is likewise space for a crown that is the look you at last need.


8. Slicked Back Hair with Crystal Crown Veil

Women with natural hair cropped short may see this is a decent hairstyle idea for their marriage look. For this hairstyle you have to slicked back and an emotional crown and utilize a veil. While this crown is very high, there are a lot of more sensitive choices out there in an assortment of examples.


Side swept curly bob for black women 2017-2018


9. Side Swept Curl Bob

The cute bob can go anyplace. Super smooth waves and a side compass bring about a vintage look that can be worn on your big day. Women adore that this look is sufficiently short to be reasonable however sufficiently long that you can switch it up a bit when fancied.

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