Best Wedding Haircut Ideas for Black Women 2017 2018

Everyone wants to look wonderful and stunning of their special day. Hairdo is one of the factors which plays a vital role in your look so here are some hairdo ideas foe black women which will help you rock on your big day.


Braided Side Bun

A noticeable amongst the most lovely and passionate hairdo for wedding is braided side bun. it is a simple and effortless hairdo which you can easily style at home. It helps upgrading the wedding dress and the cosmetics. To get the hairstyle, blow dry hair and divide the hair into a side part. Gather all the hair at the back and make a pony. Create braids on the pony and keep it slightly to one side. Make a bun of the braided piece at one side at the nape of the neck. Secure the bun with bobby or fancy pins.

All face structure works on this hairstyle. Hair that is naturally straight and fine to medium works well on this hairdo.


Twisted updo for Black Women 2017 2018


Twisted updo

The twisted updo is traditional wedding hairdo and it is still works on brides. This hairdo is carried by almost every bride in which the length is twisted and a updo is created. You can carry the bun at the centre or the one side at the back. To carry this hairdo, start with brushing blow dried hair and divided it to a preferred side part. Use barrel iron to create curls on the hair. Gather the length at the back and twisted it to form a bun. Use pins to secure the bun, you can use any accessory like flower etc instead of the pins.

This hairdo works on all face structure and hair that is medium to thick rock with this hairdo.


Royal High Side Bun

This hairdo is quite easy and effortless hairdo which will boost up your look on your big day. The hairdo has a side swept bangs which is perfect for face framing. The huge bun at the back enhances the face and jewelry. To get the hairdo, apply a hair mousse on damp hair. Blow dry hair and brush the bangs to preferred side. Now collect the hair at the back and create a high ponytail. Twisted the length and wrap it around the pony your high bun is ready. Secure with bobby pins to hold it.

This hairdo is suitable for women with oval and square face structure. Medium hair looks great with this hairdo.


Bridal Bun for Black Women 2017 2018


Great Bridal Bun

The great wedding bun is extremely appealing and stunning hairdo which you make you rock on your huge day. The hairdo has twists stuck in such a lovely way. To have this hairdo, begin with brushing towel dried hair. Pull all the hair and make a high bun. Use an extension if you have fine to medium hair. The hairdo is suitable for all face structure. Smooth hair with medium to long in density works on this hairdo.

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