Very Short Hairstyles

Very short hairstyles are very much in trend these days. Most people go for a short haircut in order to get out the monotony of having long hair or another reason for doing so can be that these styles require less maintenance. People who acquire these hairstyles have lot of room to experiment with the short styles in order to achieve fresh look each time. Room for experimentation never wears off. Very short hairstyles are daring and bold styles that bring out the brave women hiding in there. Instead of looking same each day you can always try fun and new short hairstyles from time to time.

Even the short hair can create the layer effect. Cut the back hair in a tight haircut till the neck length and cut the upper part of hair in some layers. You can achieve bangs with this haircut the side bangs covering one eye or the front bangs. This haircut will bring out your much needed edgy and bold side.

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