Updating Your Bob Haircut In 2016

Updating your bob haircut in 2016 is necessary because we are all in a whole new year where we think hair is as important as any other element there is to fashion. Many people have been taking interest in cutting off their hair but they become highly frustrated with the theory of not being able to style their hair to perfection. Well we are bringing the ultimate tips for you to enjoy while you update your bob haircut in 2016. The very first way to update your bob haircut is that you can now enjoy voluminous waves as those girls do that own and have long hair. Now is this seriously a possibility that one may enjoy waves (that too voluminous) with having a bob hair cut? Probably you must be thinking that too right now.


We thought the very same thing but when we got to talk with many stylists they agreed with a single common answer that is “yes”. So finally you may be relieved and enjoy a breath of satisfaction that you didn’t actually throw away your hot rollers. All you must do to enjoy this beautiful hairstyle is that you must part your hair on the side. Once you are satisfied with your part then you should take a one and a half inch roller and set those in your hair while you take out the time to complete your other tasks while you are getting ready for your morning routine. Make sure they approximately stay in your hair for at least half to one hour so that your get the maximum best results for those waves to truly shine in your bob haircut. So be very sure that whatever you are doing is in a systematic order and you have planned all your chores in accordingly. When the time has passed and your timer beeps for them to be taken out then take them out gently one at a time keeping the style and hair locked in place you can use a long holding hair spray. Not only the side part shall elevate your style but you can also wear an ear cuff to make a bold statement.


The next hairstyle that we are going to be discussing is none other than by adding more volume to your bob hair cut by introducing fake bangs that can suitably make you more beautiful and stylish. You can easily have fake bangs instead of having actual ones. They can be achieved without cutting your hair. All you must do is part your hair on the side. Once completed pull those hair over your forehead and gently take a bobby pin and pin those hair that have been over your forehead to the back. Glittery pins or even barrette can be used which will only help to give the impression of cute hair pins and nothing more as no one shall suspect you having fake bangs  from the beginning. 

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