Trendy Hairstyles 2016

Puff hairstyle
Trendy hairstyles 2016 are topped by the puff hairstyle, which is perfect for college and schoolgirls. The hairstyle would give you an outstanding look. It is easy to wear and cool to create. Girls with short and chin length hair can look stunning in this hairstyle. Even though not hot among public personas, this hairstyle is followed mostly by teenage girls. You can wear this hairstyle for any occasion, including wedding, family functions and other events.

Bob hairstyle
Bob hairstyle is one of the trendiest hairstyle in 2016. Both young girls and working women can apply this hairstyle to get a stylish look. They can wear this hairstyle at work as well as for different functions. The hairstyle is stress free to achieve and you can apply different bob hairstyles according to your face shape and hair length.

Ponytail is one of the most loved hairstyle among women in 2016. Even women with long can create ponytail to look charming. Creating this hairstyle is very easy and all you need to do is bring your hair at one place at the back and turn it into a ponytail. Create different styles of braids below the ponytail and try to hide the elastic with which you have secured you ponytail. Girls with thin hair can create high ponytail.

Women with medium and long hair can apply outward curls on their hair to appear attractive and sizzling. To achieve this hairstyle, you need a serum and a curl iron. Start by curling your hair in the outer direction and then make them look rough. After creating curls on your hair, you can put it at one side or leave it at the back. This hairstyle can give you more elegant and attractive look.

Topknot hairstyle
Topknot hairstyle is one of the trendy hairstyle for girls in 2016. Young girls with long hair will look beautiful and cute in this hairstyle, especially if it is summer. Remember, it is hard to style your long hair, but the topknot makes it easy for you. To create this hairstyle, just twist all your hair to the top of your head, which will create a messy look to your hair, and then secure it with bob pins on the side of the up do. This hairstyle is less time consuming to achieve and you can carry the style for a longer time.

Bun hairstyle
Bun hairstylewas a trend in 2015 and it continues to be a trendy hairstyle in 2016.Women love bun, but in 2016 women are creating the bun in more fashionable style. Usually women carry this bun on wedding, family events and business gathering. To get the hairstyle,first dry your hair and apply some serum to create some wavy on the hair. It will also help you get some volume. Nowcreate a ponytail at the back. Twist the hair, but not to tight, and create an up do. Now secure the hair with a bob pin.


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