Traditional Victorian Hairstyles

Another beautiful hairstyle that gained popularity in the Victorian era is called Marcel Waves. This hairstyle was invented by a French stylist. This style was created by using hot iron but in a different way than the Sugar Curls. Women in Victorian times loved braids. Many braided ponytails and updo hairstyles were created. As we all know braids still remain popular even today. Chignon hairstyles also gained popularity in this era. Pompadour that was introduced in this era still remains very popular even today. These were some elegant and beautiful hairstyles. In order to create these hairstyles women had to sweep their hair high on the crown region of head.

The last hairstyles we will talk about are the Titus hairstyles. These hairstyles were worn by women having short hair. These hairstyles almost had the same look the modern layered hairstyles. These

hairstyles were not very popular among women as the women back then lacked the courage to sport short hairstyles it was known to be conservative society.

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