Top Mens Hair Colors For Fall Winter 2017-2018

Are you jealous of women wearing different beautiful coloring and rocking everywhere. Guys don’t worry you can also go for coloring and have fun. You too have option to completely transform your hair color or just get the highlight. Here are few hair color tips for men which you can apply this winter and fall autumn.


Rooty blonde

The rooty blonde color needs a personality to get the right color. The base is kept darker or black and the edges bright blonde. This hair color is one of the trending hair colors among black or brown men.

This hair color looks great on all skin tones and hair that is naturally darker get the best color. Consult your stylist before apply the color.


Rooty blonde mens hairstyles 2017-2018


Medium neutral brown

The medium brown color is the best choose for men who wants to carry short hair but wants to look more charming at the same time.This hair color is more suitable for professional who don’t want go much bold.

This hair color is suitable for all skin tones but looks better on fair to medium skin tones.


Cooper brown

The copper brown is a really exciting color which helps in adding texture. Those who have medium hair and looks carrying waves will look absolutely stunning.

Those guys you have olive or yellow undertones means warm skin tones gets the perfect color. Hair that is naturally curly looks awesome with this hair color. Men with straight hair can also go for this shade but consult your stylist before taking any step.


Neutral dark blonde

The blonde shade looks fabulous on hair that is shorter from the sides and longer on the top section. The neutral shade is darker at the roots and light blonde at the tips.

This hair color is perfect for fair complexion. Guys with brown eyes can look outstanding. Fine to medium hair works and hair that is not too dark works well on this hair color.


Warm dark blonde

The warm dark blonde can be applied on short and medium hair but looks out standing on short hair that is short o sides and long on top. Hair that is natural dark can get the best color. The base looks dark while the warm brownish hues on the tips look awesome.

The color is suitable for guys who have warm undertones. Natural light brown hair can get the best color.


Chocolate brown men's haircuts 2017-2018


Chocolate brown

Chocolate brown is the most trendy hair color all the time and fit for professional and students. This warm brown hue gives soft and clean look.This hair shade works on all skin tones. Hair that is naturally brown can get the perfect shade.

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