Tips on outgrowing a pixie cut

Following are some tips that might just help you if you are facing trouble in outgrowing or facing any kind of fear that isn’t allowing you to move on to your next hairstyle and haircut after having a pixie cut:

• The first tip is that you must never shampoo your hair often. We all know that we are in dire need of shampooing our hair since we want that nasty dirt and sweat to roll right off but do not mistake you. Shampoos do not know how to put a difference when it comes to oil. It’s very hard that any shampoo can gather the differences between any bad oil and that essential oil that your scalp has the tendency to produce. If you wash your hair excessively you will without a doubt lose the softness of your hair and this will end up in making your hair dry. And more the hair is dried and lack of natural hair oils the more you are going to receive spilt ends in the longer term. Now it is very essential to know that every person has its own tendency to create that natural hair oil which is created by your scalp. So remember readers do not shampoo your hair often or you will not be able to outgrow from your pixie cut forever.

• It is important that you must understand your hair type. Without the knowledge of your own hair you can never understand what your hair is capable of. Most of the people keep on fighting against their hair’s natural will and they end up ruining their hair even more. So it’s time to take out those extra pair of eyes and observe your own hair. You can always ask a stylist for a better review as they are much more experienced in this field and can tell you better of how to take care of your hair. Do not underestimate your hair as it can do wonders if you apply the right amount of products into your hair and treat them in accordingly. So if you have fine hair that is if you have less hair then you must use products in accordance with that fine hair that will help your hair to be uplifted and will help to appear it more thickly. If you have curly hair and that seems like you can straighten them out for temporary use but do not expect your hair to be fine at all time.

• Try to introduce barrettes, scarves, bobby pins, headbands to your pixie hair cut. This will add more flare to your style and you won’t end up looking the exact same for who knows how long. You can introduce hats and beanies If the weather is cold. And on sunny days you can always opt for scarves. Blow drying your hair will give volume to your hair and applying wax will give more of a sophisticated sleek look to your hair.


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