Tips for black women hair

So African-American hair has more elasticity and for a secret insight wet hair is known to be twice longer than dry hair. So the question that may have risen in their minds must be as to how often should they shampoo their hair? Well a lot of experts have given their answer and when compiled we have come to the conclusion that washing their hair once a week is enough. They shouldn’t be concerned of washing daily or other two three days. Why after one week? Because American-African hair is known to be drier than the rest of us. Even if they start frequently washing their hair every day or other day they would leave their hair to be excessively drier without the wash.


This is due to the curly texture in their hair oil isn’t allowed and cannot sweep under their hair that easily. So lucky they free from the barriers of washing their hair and seeing their hair getting oily like most of us do. So the next tip that we are going to suggest those ladies who are African ladies is whether weaves bad or good for their hair as we have already the texture of their hair. As long as the proper steps are maintained during the weaves we see no reason to stop you from getting them. It’s all about proper care and getting the most beneficial result in the end. A sewn weave is known to protect your natural hair more. This method has been approved by many stylists because you won’t have to straight your hair or expose your hair (natural) to any outside elements. Glued in weaves should be avoided at all costs as they tend to rip your natural hair out and no one would like to suffer the pain and see their natural hair in their lap.


Since we have already mentioned that African-American hair is fragile and we wouldn’t want you to destroy your fragile hair even more so even if you have blow dry your hair it is important that you attach a comb. Never blow dry your wet hair as it required a lot of pulling that can lead to hair breakage. The best method to dry your hair is air dry them so they won’t lead to hair breakage. If you don’t have the times then blow dry your hair keeping the heat on low settings. Cleanse your scalp as much as you can thoroughly. This will help to prevent any flaking and buildup. To make sure your weave stay tight as possible make sure you pay a visit to your stylist every third week.


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