Summer Haircuts For 2016

Summer haircuts for 2016 consists of new styles that will definitely amaze us all since 2016 is bringing comfort to a whole new level we are totally excited to share with you some of the amazing approved hairstyles by stylists who have told in some special insights as to what shall be trending in 2016. The first hairstyle is for those ladies/girls who are interested in having short hair. We don’t blame them as summer can be quite irritating for those people who own long hair.


Well short hair is the best escape route for them and an edgy pixie is definitely going to be trending as a haircut for 2016 summer season. This is a pixie that one can never deny how amazing it is if one has the audacity to wear it. This pixie stands out from the rest of the pixies that we have been watching over the year because not only it is a bit longer than usual pixies but also it consists of a choppier edge on the top which makes it asymmetrical layered following the front side of your hair. So what exactly is this haircut so special about? Well this haircut will absolutely balance the punk side of you with the sweeter version of so that neither you look way over dramatic as well as not so feminine as well. The next summer haircut that is going to go big in 2016 and will be widely loved is for those who own long hair.


You can definitely cut your long hair and keep them long. Strange? Well not so strange anymore because we bring you the following hairstyle that can be easily be toned down into a few blunt layers from the front that goes till your collar bone and you can keep the remaining long hair at the back. If you slightly layer your hair it shall balance two important elements in your face that every girl dreams of (and does that makeup which now ofcourse you won’t be any more). Thick hair looks great long; varied lengths on the ends keeps the cut from looking blah. And while angled layers are the most ubiquitous, these straight ones are more modern-give your stylist the heads up that you are looking for a bolder, less blended effect. We have talked about for those people who want long haircuts for summer even talked about for those who want short hair but there is definitely space for haircuts who own medium hair. Since layers are going to be trending in 2016 we are watching a significant amount of demand in layers since 2015. So for those who own medium length hair if you incorporate mid length layers upon three basic stages you will get an absolute amazing summer haircut for 2016.


These three basic stages upon which your layer should be are of the following 1) collar bone 2) chin and 3) your cheek bones. These layers shall help your facial features to show their full potential. You can even support a fringe that swoops to the side. Add in some wavy texture to your hair or let them straight either way it’s a win-win in both situations.


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