Stylist secrets for styling hair like professionals (part 3)

Stylist secrets for styling hair like professionals (part 3) are of the following:
• Moving on with the third and last part of this article we are going to tell you the remaining tips that are known to be stylists most favorite secrets for styling their clients hair. By these tips and implementing them will help you be a professional in no time. So who doesn’t like rollers and love to use them on your own hair. If you are seeking for volume and body you must know that you should buy some rollers, we advise you to buy Velcro rollers. But keeping in mind that you must have long hair for such kind of rollers. Not only rollers demand your hair to be long but try to avoid slipping on these rollers on fine smooth hair as they won’t clip onto your hair well. In order to hold those Velcro rollers on your hair there is a stylist secret that we would like to share with you and that is to spray some holding spray onto your hair before these rollers and give your hair a good rough blend with your fingers and then see those rollers working like a charm.

• So we know that frayed ends are a problem to many ladies and being honest we were suffering from the same process. But not to worry. Whoever is suffering from these kinds of frayed ends we have some special insights from a stylist and her way of tackling such a problem with finesse and ultimately no complications. All you have to do is to leave in a serum in your hair and blend it well. After done making sure that your hair is dry use a blow dryer and blast some heat into it. This kind of treatment is advise and strongly recommended when you are about to have a haircut. This will ensure that you have no frayed ends anymore and the procedure to be frank is really simple that can be easily be done at home before going to the salon. So happy cutting and happy no frayed ends.

• The next stylist secret that isn’t secret any more is that bangs are ultimately trending this year so you certainly do not have to remove your bangs or keep them at back. It’s time to let them loose. The most trending hairstyle that is working these days is the side swept bangs or the thick blunt bangs that are hot these days. Side swept bangs can be paired up with long silky layer hairstyle. This will allow your hair to grow out and won’t give the effect of making your hair look boxy. While layers are good with side swept thick blunt bangs look magnificent with straight luscious hair. A very important side note is that you should be constituency aware that your side swept bangs should be approximately be hitting the middle of your brows. This will look great do not tempt to go shorter as you will look old.


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