Stylish Bob Hairstyles 2016 With Bangs

Stylish bob hairstyles 2016 with bangs are the new trending hairstyle category that is going to be highly focused this year. We have certainly over time supported the bob haircut over time but it is definitely time to step out and witness bob haircuts to be stylized into many different magnificent ways.

Below are some steps that will help you figure out as to how these hairstyles are made out a bob haircut. Simple and easy to make these hairstyles are going to be the top hits of 2016. So buckle up and begin your journey to these following stylish bob hairstyles that are paired with bangs to make you look spectacular for this year.

Bob hairstyle with a textured glazed fringe:
This is indeed known to be the most popular and admirable version of the most simple and classical bob of all times. Perhaps we may say it is because of the zero maintenance that is required for this particular hairstyle. Stylizing your bob along with a fringe that has your label and your signature on it will definitely help you to make a statement that is not only going to be a statement but also it will be your identity.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
• The first step to this hairstyle is to have damp hair.
• Apply a pea amount size of styling serum onto your hair (which must be damp).
• Comb your hair which will be in the direction of your part.
• Once accomplished you may not spray a light texture spray
• Remember to finish off this hairstyle with a good brand texture product spray.

Use any kind of styling hair product that aids in benefitting your hair. This can either be a cream or a wax which is both suitable for your hair on this hairstyle. In order to avoid more finer and slippery hair those people who have fine hair may want to skip using any hair product. All face hair products may use this hairstyle as a permanent excuse to look amazing. 

Sharpie A line bob hairstyle with straight bold bangs:

This bob hairstyle brings bangs for those ladies who want to embrace their confident sides. This hairstyle might the best option out for them who like their hairstyle to speak up for their brighter side. Not only is this hairstyle very sleek but also it is very modernized according to the 2016 trends of what you may be watching out for. Great choice for every lady/girl out there to try.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
• Your hair must be damp and wet in order to achieve this hairstyle.
• Remember to put in a leave in conditioner in your hair.
• After you have rubbed in your conditioner well you may now apply any good quality smoothening product into your hair (damp that should be).
• For this next step it is entirely updo you as to which kind of brush you are comfortable in using with while blow drying your hair. Either you can use a large round brush or you may even use a paddle brush.
• Once fully blow dried you may section your hair into a section (horizontal facing).
• With the help of flat iron smooth sections out so that you may attain the best result.
• For the last step you can apply any kind of serum that helps to bind your hair being straight and anti frizz all till you wish for.

Use a good quality serum that protects your hair and keeps them extremely smooth and silky. You might want to keep a serum that will help to be frizz free all day and not only that but also helps the hair to be felt lighter at all times and adds an immense glow that you would just be brighter than the sun. This is among the most universal looks out there as it works well on most anyone.

Stunner bob hairstyle with fiery ruby red bangs:
This amazing stunning bob hairstyle sure knows how to grab attention and is always a getter means it always has the power of persuasion amongst every other person to try this hairstyle for them. The fiery ruby red bangs is all about 2016 new hottest style where they are magically placed in such a manner around the face and over the bridge of your nose so that the remaining bob looks well styled and cozy with it.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
• The first step to this hairstyle is you must make sure that your hair are clean so the perfect way to have this hairstyle is wash your hair and apply a root lifter especially for this hairstyle. This will help give an instant boost to your roots resulting in a volume that has never been seen before. Once done you can now apply a smoothing serum onto your hair that too it must start at the ends. This will help your hair not to get frizzy as well as will help quicken the process of your hair being air dried much more quicker than you can expect.

• When your hair has completed dried spray a little heat protestant spray and blow dry your hair. This step must be done in sections starting from the bottom. Always make sure you are using a paddle brush for this purpose. Pull your hair from side to side while you are drying out so that you achieve the maximum point of straight hair.

• As you move up, start to use a small to medium size round brush. Take the round brush and pull sections of the hair from the root out. This will give you volume as well as smooth the hair.
• You can use a pea size polish cream and run it through your hair when they are completely dried out.
• A well lightweight hairspray might be the ultimate trick for you to apply at the last

Red highlights if placed throughout your hair will bring the possible hairstyle to this style. Such an elegant and versatile hairstyle of bob haircut which looks good on all. Not only you see movement but also volume as well.


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