Stunning Golden locks Hairstyle in Autumn/Winter 2016 - 2017

Golden locks hairstyle will instantly make your hair shine throughout the year. These hairstyles not only will help enhance the color but also it will help put a stop to making your hair not look invisible. These days everyone has their hair dyed golden but these hairstyles shall assure you that not only your hair uplifts and shows its presence but also it looks spectacular. Tis first hairstyle is uniquely amazing because of how the softness of this hairstyle packs your face with assured femininity.


All we need is to create a side swept from the front to complete the look because the perfect frame that will uphold your nape and create a dramatic effect while you rotate your head is out of extraordinary. This hairstyle will suit those people who have either an oval face shape, diamond face shape or a long face cut. Make sure that you pack as much flexibility in your hair by making sure that your hair touches no more of a drop of humidity which is a serious threat to your hairstyle. To create this hairstyle you must dry your hair with the help of a towel. Apply in some styling cream into your hair that has been dried. This cream should be applied thoroughly and make sure that you start from the roots and work your way through. Make a deep part to one side of your hair. The angle should be of perfection because you are channeling a look that is soft yet stylish. Start blow-drying your hair. Take a medium size paddle brush and you must blow dry your hair so that the hair begins not only to form shape but also in volume as well. Paddle brush can only create that effect and this also should be attained if you blow dry in one direction. Make sure that your hair is completely dry. Take out a one inch barrel and create those soft golden locks so that you are adding ringlets to your hair which shall be of mid lengths and not one bit higher.

 Stunning Golden locks hairstyle in autumn winter 2016 2017

A humidity resistant hairspray is what you need at the end of the day. Not only this will add shine in your hair but also add in that extra boost to your hair. The next hairstyle for golden locks will be a famous pompadour that is added with locks and braids which gives in a modern twist of a fairy never ever seen before but now you will. All you need to do is start to spray in a booster that will give a punch and boost to your roots. Your roots by no means should be damp and moist. Completely blow-dry your hair with the help of a medium mode of hair dryer. Your fingers can do the job here so no need to actually use a paddle brush for this hairstyle. Start teasing your hair from the hairline and keep moving back and smoothen out and teased portion of hair. This will make your crown area lift instantly which we are exactly aiming for. Create a French braid and secure your hair. Let those golden locks from the front loosely so that you can dazzle the spark with your earing and voila you are ready to roll in your new golden lock hairstyle.

Golden locks hairstyle in autumn winter 2016 2017

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