Simple Hairstyles For Long Hair 2016

Simple hairstyles for long hair will tell you how to get fabulous easy and very less maintenance hairstyles that can be easily made. Those ladies who own long hair are very well aware of how frustrating it may be as to one always tying their hair either be it a ponytail or let us say braids. Neither many girls want nor have the permission to cut their hair and they can envious and bored of the same tiring old routine of styling their hair.

We have compiled some of the most simplest and easy basic hairstyles that may help and guide you to style your long hair for 2016. There are surely so many ways that you can replace your simple classic ponytail and simple braid with.
To start off with this first hairstyle that is very simple and down to earth is this classic simple hairstyle that can be easy replicated at home and be done by yourself means you now won’t need an extra set of hands on styling your hair. So whether you have decided either you are on a casual day and are working (official attire) or whether you have a perfectly planned night with your friends we are going to tell you how you may style this look. All you must do Is to vertical part your hair when you are affirmative that you have dry hair. You must spray your hair with a good old working spray and start curling each section in one direction so that your hair can stay in one direction only. Use shine serum on your hair and voila beautiful simple hairstyle that is going to look like master piece.

Okay so we did warn you with not attempting the classic simple braid as you have been doing from a long time but we certainly haven’t stopped you from trying out new braids. This next hairstyle will leave you in awe because this is not only super easy to do (no matter how intricate and complicated it may look) but also it is very super sweet. This side braid is the ultimate definition of what you want to see. In order to have this look you may start with having damp hair. Braid as much as you can starting from one ear and moving alongside to the other. To help put your braid in position use a clear elastic band for permanent secure. To have a nice casual finish you must pull your different sections of your hair to bring the look for a more casual look. The secret to have this look is to dry your hair with volume if you think that your hair might not get the perfect volume in this. Additional volume is the solution so that your hair doesn’t go totally flat. To have silky waves you can even leave the braid to its own rest and open your hair for the next day this will help you get a boho touch which everyone will adore.

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