Simple & Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair 2016 - 2017

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair 2016 – 2017 bring perfect hairstyle ideas for women who want easy and simple hairstyles. Girls always carry hairstyle that is simple to style can looks good while carrying. High and low ponytail is one of that hairstyle which teenage girls carry all the time. Girls try something new this season; change your look by trying these simple hairstyles.


Full Volume Curls
Those who don’t want to lose their length and wants to look stylish can carry the full volume curls. The larger curls can be carried on one shoulder or at the back both looks is effortless and less time consuming.


Steps to achieve this style:

1. Prep with damp with styling product.
2. Dry out using a paddle brush.
3. Apply a thermal protection product.
4. Divide the hair into larger sections and create curls using larger round brush.
5. Create a side part and keep the hair away from face
6. Use a wider teeth brush or finger to arrange the curls.
7. Set the style using a holding spray.


Additional information:
The hairstyle can be adopted by all face structure and all hair type works with the hairstyle.


Simple and Chic:
Simple & Chic Hairstyles 2016 2017The simple and chic hairstyle is classic and very easy to get styled. Working women as well as students can adopt this hairstyle because it is stylish and less time consuming.


Steps to achieve this Style:
The hairstyle can be achieved by prep damp hair with styling cream. Blow dry the hair using a paddle brush. You can use a roller to get curls on the length. Divide the hair in preferred direction and keep the hair at shoulder from both sides. Use a curling iron and create curls toward inward direction. Apply a shinning serum on hair to get more beautiful look.


Additional information:
The hairstyle works on women with round, square, oval and diamond face structure. Hair that is medium in length and thick in density rocks on the hairstyle.


Pseudo Curl:
The pseudo curls has a thick straight bang with curls on the length. This hairstyle is trending and getting popular. It is trouble-free and sexy. You may need few second to get the style. Media persons are seen wearing this hairstyle.


Steps to achieve this Style:
To get this hairstyle, you need to visit your stylist and get that straight equal bang properly. Apply styling cream to damp hair.Blow-dryusing a round brush. Run a flat iron on the bangs. Heat up a curling iron and take three section of hair and create larger curls on each section. Keep the length ate one side or at both shoulder. Apply a shinning product to make the look sexier.


Additional information:
Round, oval and square face structure can adopt this hairstyle. All type of hair works with the hairstyle. Straight and thin hair needs more holding spray.

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