Chic Side Swept Hairstyles for 2017-2018

Ladies with long temple and face structure need to minimize their face length and they appreciate to carry side swept hairdo. Wearing a simple and same side swept might exhaust, now unique hues are included and there are different approaches to wear side swept hairdo. The following are few approaches to style the side swept in various way which makes your look more appealing.


Traditional Bob with Side Fringes

This hairdo has luxurious and sharp fringes which is not difficult to carry and style. This bob hairdo has a cut at the level of the chin and that the starting point of the bangs. Like a traditional bob it has the front longer and back shorter.


Bob hair with side fringes 2017-2018


Steps to achieve the Haircut

Start with hair mousse item to damp hair.

Blow dry utilizing a styling brush.

Keep the bangs to one side by combing it aside.

Run a flat iron on the bangs and lengths to make them look smooth and luxurious.

To wear the style for longer period use holding spray.


Extra information:

The hairdo is suitable for women with round and square face structure. Medium to thick hair works with the hairdo.


Side Square Bangs

More often than not the bangs are trimmed in round and edges shape yet in this hairdo the bangs are in square shape. Those who love wearing a straight hair will rock with these straight square bangs. This hairdo looks great on teenage girls. The side square bang is suitable for all kind of events.

Steps to achieve the Hairstyle

Begin with preparing your damp hair with styling cream.

Blow dry utilizing styling brush.

Heat up a hair curler and create waves on the lengths.

Run a level iron on the bangs.

Use a holding gel to settle the look.


Extra information

The haircut is best for oval and longer face structure. Medium to thick hair functions admirably with the hairdo.


The Stand Out

This haircut has wonderful bangs which is the interesting reason of the haircut. The pixie of the haircut makes the look more touching and stunning when colored.


Stand out side swept short pixie haircut 2017-2018


Steps to achieve the Hairstyle

Prep your damp hair with hair mousse cream

Dry out utilizing round brush and a dryer.

Brush your hair and push the strands forwards while brushing the bangs to a preferred side.

Apply shiner on the bangs to make them look smooth and soft.

Apply holding spray for long lasting.


Extra information

The haircut is suitable on ladies with heart, oval and longer face structure. Thin to medium hair works well with this haircut. Add some colors to the bangs to make the haircut more attractive and stunning.

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