Side Swept Bangs 2016 - 2017

Side swept bangs 2016 – 2017 are for women with long forehead and face structure who want to minimize their face length and they love carrying side swept.


Carrying a simple side swept may be boring, now different colors are added and there are various ways to carry side swept. Below are few ways to style the side swept in different way which makes your look more attractive.


Eye Catching
Eye Catching Stylish Bangs Hairstyle 2016 2017The eye catching has silky and stylish bangs, which is easy to carry and style. The bob cut is equal to the level of chin and the bangs are longer which make the look more amazing. The hair is longer from the front sides while shorter and razor cut at the back.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1. Start with applying styling product to wet hair.
2. Blow dry using a styling brush.
3. Create a side part and keep the bangs to one side.
4. Run a flat iron on the bangs and lengths to make them look smooth and silky.
5. Apply a hair spray to hold the style.


Additional information:
The hairstyle can be adopted by round and square face structure. Medium to thick hair works with the hairstyle.


Party Girl
Hairstyle 2016 2017 bangs are in square shapeMost of the time the bangs are cut in round and angles shape but in this hairstyle the bangs are in square shape. Women who want to carry staright bangs will rock with this hairstyle. The straight bangs with curls medium lengths look amazing and give unique look. You can carry this hairstyle for any event.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1. Begin with prepping your damp hair with styling product.
2. Blow dry using styling brush.
3. Heat up a curling iron and create waves on the lengths.
4. Run a flat iron on the bangs.
5. Use a holding spray to finalize the look.


Additional information:
The hairstyle is best for oval and longer face structure. Medium to thick hair works well with the hairstyle. You can also add different colors on the bangs section to make the style more beautiful and attractive.


The Stand Out
Hairstyles for Womens 2016 2017 with bangsThe standout has beautiful bangs, which is the attractive point of the hairstyle. The pixie of the hairstyle makes the look more dramatic and amazing when bleached.


Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1. Use a comb to push strands forward and part bangs to the side.
2. Prep your wet hair with styling cream
3. Dry out using a paddle brush. Comb your hair in one direction.
4. Comb the bangs straight. Make them look soft and smooth. Keep them to one side.
5. Apply holding spray.


Additional information:
The hairstyle works on women with heart, oval and longer face structure. Thin to medium hair works on this hairstyle. Add some light color only on the bangs which make the hairstyle look unique and outstanding.

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