Short hair

Short hair is the latest rage this year. These styles are seductive, sexy and no doubt feminine. So if you are a bold women looking for a change that speaks for itself and makes you stand out from the crowd. Then we would certainly recommend going for short hairstyles. In other words we can also put it this way the shortest way to looking hot and seductive is short hairstyles.

Media plays an important part in popularizing hairstyles. The best place to look for new trends is the red carpets and the fashion runways. Celebrities have been considered as role models by their fans and they want to look exactly same as their celebrity icons. So what better way to endorse a new hairstyle than through celebrities? We can quote lot of examples from history as well the Elvis Presley’s hairstyles were adorned by many. Then next on the list is the Rachel cut from the series friends that was hot favorite among women in 90’s. 

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