Short Black Hairstyles 2015

Short Black Hairstyles 2015 have gained lot of fame over the years.Bob styles have been ruling the fashion world for quite some time now and still going strong. These are the most loved styles among the black women. Bobs can be achieved in all hair length making them somewhat versatile. There is no need to worry about hairstyling options if you are black women as there are styles for all face shapes, hair length and hair textures.

You can also achieve a beautiful high ponytail that look classy like Kerry Washington's high ponytail. Smooth all the hair using a hair brush leaving no bumps in the hair create a ponytail securing it with an elastic band. Use can use hair serum for creating extra shine in the ends of the hair. This look is just perfect for all age groups. Saves lot of time and is easy to create and carry.

Pixie cut has been popular among the black women for many years now. This style is available different lengths and shapes making it a beautiful style that gives lot of styling options. Black women can get styling inspirations from Rihanna’s hair as she has sported many different hairstyles over the years

making her a true black style icon. She has been creative with her hairstyles thus coming up with some new styles that gained lot of popularity.

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