Sexy bob hairstyles 2016

Sexy bob hairstyles 2016


comprise of a great collection of gorgeous and effortless hairstyles. It is pertinent to note that with a wide range of bob hairstyles available for different hair lengths, you can now find a stylish, elegant and sexy bob with ease. There is that famous notion that layers cannot reduce volume; however, with these hairstyles, the notion has been trashed. These hairstyles exhibit elements that would allow your hair to easily move.




This hairstyle is amazingly easy to achieve, and the good news is that it adds volume and density to your hair that exhibits extremely short layers. The hairstyle is as light as feather, hence the name feather-light. To achieve this hairstyle, you have to start with the application of a hairstyling product, so your hair is moist. Now, let your hair to dry out and then use a comb and raise the different parts of your hair to achieve volume. Make your hair smooth and then use a hair product to add texture. In the end, use a hairspray to make your new hairstyle shine.


Beachy waves


This hairstyle comes with the entire amazing and sexy element today’s modern women should have. Even better, the layered texture that goes in the forward direction will make you appear graceful. To start with, use a heat protection product on your dry hair and then wrap the different parts of your hair on a barrel iron and keep the stand edges free. Next, shake your head to make the hair loose and then use a hair product to achieve texture. You can use a hair product to achieve shine in the end.


Head hugger


The head hugger is a unique hairstyle that exhibits sexy layers. This bob hairstyle will surely make heads turn. Use a heat protection product on your hair and create curls with the help of a barrel iron. Now smoothen your strand edges and curve the edges. Now shake your head and run your fingers through the hair to make the curls loose. Use a hold spray in the end to give your new hairstyle a fine finishing.


Asymmetric lob


The asymmetric lob is a sexy bob hairstyle that exhibits unique, and rough look. This hairstyle is chic and modern. Start with the application of a hairstyling product to moisten your hair. Now leave your hair to dry out and then smoothen your hair with a comb. Next, use a heat protection product to your hair and smoothen the edges with a plain iron.

Cheek reveal


The cheek reveal is a stylish bob hairstyle that is meant to make you appear hot and sexy. This hairstyle is short in the center and long at the sides. To achieve this hairstyle, use a hairstyling gel or cream to make your hair moist. Second, use a hairbrush to dry-out your hair and then apply a heat protection cream or gel to the hair. Lastly, use a plain iron on make the middle of your hair smooth.


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