Secrets to styling hair

Although you were very sure that you had it secured but still it doesn’t hold up and then and you just have to straddle along with that droopy ponytail and work with it till your day isn’t over. Well it isn’t entirely about the ponytail let us say why aren’t our bobby pins attached to our hair and why do we have to keep picking these pins off the floor. So these are relatively a few of the examples that are seen whenever we touch and think we have successfully styled our hair but the fact is that we haven’t and we are continuously watching our mistake that moment. We have compiled some tips that are the best known secrets there is for styling hair.


First let us assure you as speaking and writing above as addressing to the issue of why our ponytail suddenly drops down. This may be the case of bad elastic that has been used. So instead of using a bad elastic we prefer that you use in order to avoid any droopy ponytails a bungee. Bungee’s are elastic in other words that have a hook on either end. This will make sure that your ponytail remains intact at the same height as it is without disturbing you even in the middle of the lunch. Your ponytail shall remain as high as you want and it won’t move an inch. The second problem that we addressed above that why your bobby pins are continuously being picked from the floor is because you are basically using your bobby pins the wrong way. If you take out some time and grab a bobby pin you will see that one side is smooth and the other is bump.


The side that has bumps on it should always be faced down and touch your scalp. Never ever slide it the opposite way as most of us have being doing it our entire life. This bump helps to keep the pin in place without letting it slide. This news breaker may help many of you since you basically have been doing it the wrong way your entire life. In order to mop up oil from your hair and give your hair the perfect texture dry shampoo is what you should opt for. Not only it helps to clear off the oil but also allows the bobby pin to stay in place. Your braids, ponytails even a messy chignon will look more richer and full of texture with a dry shampoo spray. So these are some of the secrets that we thought to let you in. We know that you have been doing it the opposite your whole life but there is nothing to be embarrassed about as we have given you a starter pack.


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