Rocking a pixie cut

This method of styling on a pixie cut is absolutely brilliant and we know that you would rock in this pixie cut. The versatility to this pixie cut is to enhance your collarbones and neck. So we have another match for those ladies who are tremendously insecure of their neck and collarbones after they have had their pixie cut and try to hide their beauty bones. This will help to make your hair look much more thicker and give plenty of texture so those ladies and girls of all age who own fine hair should go and style and try this method. As we keep repeating that the more simple the look you create the more modish and stylish you shall be in this time era.


One way to rock your pixie cut with the above mentioned statement of going simple is leave your pixie tousled which means no straightening them out or using any kind of product. All you must do is use your fingers and finger comb through your pixie. If must and you are a bit concerned then you may use a bit of hair product that can be holding spray, gel or even mousse. Work that product in your hair with the help of your fingers and then pair your pixie with a pair of jeans to make you look more like you are styling yourself like people do out on the streets in street style. There is nothing more to love about a girl who owns spike hair. We have seen many celebrities wear spiked hair on pixie cuts so we thought why we shouldn’t let you in on this way to rock your own pixie cut. It takes a bit of product to make those spikes and hold them up but not much of the energy you think.


You can cowlick your hair any way and direction you wish to and you will be looking no less than a celebrity The smooth pixie cut is chic as a matter of course. This look will easily bring out your eyes, highlight your cheekbones, accent your jaw, and make all your best features look more pronounced and extremely dazzling. When the cut comes with fringe bangs, you can smooth them down for a really chic, sleek look. The next way to rock pixie is asymmetric pixie. This is the version where you must have bangs or fringes which must be sharp rather than angled. If you want you can also have long layers at the back of your hair as well as on the side. This will take a stylist hand to make the perfect hairstyle on your pixie or else you will look like a disaster. 

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