Rihanna Hairstyles 2015

Rihanna Hairstyles 2015 is a black celebrity icon who has been seen sporting natural hair texture by only using a high gloss serum in damp hair. Isn’t it an exciting and easy look to achieve? It takes just a few minutes and you can look as elegant as Rihanna.

Sleek Centered look is very popular these days among the African American Women. You can achieve this look by using flat iron on your hair then creating a center part and tying all the hair in a low ponytail. Later secure the hair with an elastic band wrapping hair in a hair tie thus creating a beautiful bun. Use lots of bobby pins to secure the hair style for a long period of time.

Jennifer Hudson's side braid is the new sexy look that has gained lot popularity among the black women. Smooth hair using flat iron then creates side part pulling all hair towards one side and braiding them. Secure the hair using an elastic band. You are good to go. 

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