Quick and Easy Celebrity Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair 2017 - 2018

One of the qualities of long hair is that every kind of hairstyle works well on it whether it is curls, straight braided or other. Here are some celebrity ideas for long hair. Bun is an ideal hairstyle for summer and those who have thick and long love to carry bun. Add these hairstyles to your personality this summer and rock.


Care free beach curls bun

This hairstyle is a bit messy but looks great. The care free beach curls bun is simple and easy to style. Holding spray is not necessary in this hairstyle.Keeping the hair free will make the hairstyle look natural. Start with blow dried hair and create curls on it.  Gather your hair at the middle back and secure with bobby pins. Keep a small piece of hair around the face or face framing.

Hair that is naturally curly and thick in density works well on this hairstyle. All face structure can go for this hairstyle.


Loose Messy Bun with Side Parted Hair 2017-2018


Loose messy bun with side part

The loose messy hair is another amazing hairstyle which can be carried on different occasion like wedding and birthday parties. To get the hairstyle, apply styling cream to wet hair. Dry out and divide hair into a side part. Pull the length of one side and create a loose bun at the nape of the neck. Apply a holding spray.

This hairstyle is ideal of round and heart face structure. Hair that is medium to long in length and fine to medium in density works well on this hairstyle.


Sleek topknot bun

The sleek topknot is on of the most trending celebrity hairstyle seen in the red carpet. The hairstyle makes the makeup and neck prominent. To get the hairstyle, collect all hair and form a ponytail in the top. Insert bobby pins in vertical direction. Make back combing and form another ponytail just above the other. Wrap the length around the ponytail and make a bun. apply a holding spray. This hairstyle is ideal for oval and square face structure. Straight hair looks perfect on this hairstyle.


Simple and sleek top bun

This is the simplest and easiest bun, which take only few seconds to get styled. The hairstyle is simple but stylish. To get the hairstyle, start with blow dried hair. Pull all the hair to the top and make a high ponytail at the top. Use your thumb and index finger and round your hair. Twist the hair and make a bun. Use bobby pins to secure the bun.

This hairstyle is ideal for round face structure but other face structure expect oval can also go for this hairstyle. Medium to long hair works well on this hairstyle.


Simple and Sleek Celebrity Top Bun for Long Hair 2017-2018

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