Pretty Updo For Long Hair 2016

Pretty updo for long hair 2016

may be the best article for those ladies who are constantly having a battle with their long hair. Well its time you make peace with your hair as we bring some amazing pretty updo hairstyles for you that you can possibly imagine. The most glorious thing you get to do with your long hair is that you may style your hair as much as you want and the key to a good hairstyle is not only a finesse touch to it but also the experiments that hold your hair together and give you a better view at what you are doing.

We introduce the first pretty updo for 2016 that will look fantastic and adorable on long hair. This hairstyle is inspired by the Greek theme which is going to be efficiently royal and sleek. All you must do for this ancient design that has a modern twist into it is spray a hairspray on your dry hair. Collect all your hair in a very high ponytail. Make sure that your hair is of free from tangles that you may easily build your hairstyle without any difficulties. To continue you must start twisting one inch of strands of hair secure it with pins do it on the whole. Finish with a nice holding spray. Make sure to have medium or thick hair for this hairstyle as any kind of face shape will look appropriate in this ancient beautifully new interpretation of modern design that is going to put everyone in shock.

There are so many updo hairstyles but this flared bun is exactly what you want if you want to go retro a bit. This is a bun that has been inspired by the 1950s era of time where everyone loved to party. So if you are a party person it is time that you surely try out this pretty updo for your own long hair in 2016. To begin for this hairstyle you must start off with clean hair that should be dried off properly. Use a holding hairspray for your hair. Create a nice off the edge pompadour and make sure that you are taking out the fringe. With the help of bobby pins make sure that you are securing your hair with a nice set of bobby pins. The next step is to brush your hair out smoothly. Make sure that there are no absolutely tangles or messy parts in your hair. Begin gathering your hair from the ends and start rolling it. Make sure that you are rolling your hair under and in a very nice and affirmative upward direction. From the nape area pin and secure your hair at the base. Placing your hands make sure that you are flaring it in a v direction and motion shape. Use bobby pins to secure your hair. If you want you may use a holding spray and gently spray over your hair.


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