Ponytails of 2015 Trends

Ponytails of 2015 are all about styling the classical ponytails into something magnificent that will help you look fabulous in 2015. The first ponytail of 2015 is about having a firm grip of that pony by tightly wrapping it around the elastic band there isn’t much about this ponytail. It’s simple and classic. All you need to do is acquire a slick look in those hairs. By achieving that hairstyle you must use an expensive gel that will hold your hair tightly and firmly. This ponytail may be combining with an elegant outfit that looks restrained and decent on you and this ponytail is ready to head outside for where ever you go.


Another major ponytail hairstyle that you must be watching on models and can create the same replica at home for 2015 is to make a simple and casual ponytail. That ponytail must be loose for this hairstyle. And then you may attach a thick metal hair jewelry at where the elastic band is . This hairstyle looks super cool for a formal event and it will look nice if your pair the gold hair jewelry with some elegant dress that isn’t too much on the top and dulls your ponytail White strapless dress will look really nice with this hairstyle. Just make sure the jewelry isn’t cutting through your scalp and is hurting you through out the event. So pick up a jewelry that is super easy to wear. The next pony that is going to be super famous in 2015 is the famous crimp ponytail hairstyle.


All you have to do is straighten your hair with the help of flat iron and then take small section of your hair (just some areas would be sufficient) and crimp them. Once done it is entirely on you if you want to wear a high ponytail or a low one. Small strands of hair left in the front loosely will add more glamour to your look.


Ponytails of 2015 not only bring you styles but colors as well. Ombre hair color is going to be the next spot light of hair color in 2015. So having a lighter tone on the upper crown portion and diving a richer deeper color on the end will highlight your pony in a much more significant manner. All you have to do is to make a simple high ponytail and take a strand of hair and wrap it around it the elastic band. Since the upper portion of your hair would be lighter, the dark rich color on the elastic band will make your look more modish. A deep side part ponytail also will look sleek and stylish if worn with appropriate clothes. Ponytails have been with us from a long time and with over the years the style has been upgrading ever since.

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