New Short Hairstyles 2015

Short hairstyles have long been considered a taboo in many societies. The short hairstyles are again back in trend in this year. You can either go for the fashionable bob styles or the angular or the blunt straight styles. You can add some bangs to style for creating a classy and elegant style. Bangs can help in making you look few years younger than your age and add a cute look to the hairstyle. The boy cut type bob style also looks elegant and classy. The short hairstyles have been popularized by many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Anne Hathaway. Celebrities play an important role in endorsing any new hairstyle and hair length.


If you want to enjoy both world of short and long length hair then you should go for medium length hair. Medium length hair is safe heaven for many women who are looking for the middle way out. A stylishly cut hairstyle in layers looks great on medium length hair. Your stylist can add a creative touch to your hair. Layers can be cut in many different ways so the way you look will depend very much on your stylist.

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