Mohawk Hairstyle

There are many types of Mohawk hairstyles to choose from. You can go for the bold shaved Mohawk that is the right style for bold and confident girls out there who are not afraid of showing off their bold side. This style helps to enhance the facial features. Shaved hairstyle will make you look seductive and attractive. Only a strong women can opt for such daring hairstyle everyone cannot carry this style well. There are another popular Mohawk called the spiky Mohawk. This style is almost the same as shaved Mohawk but does not involve any shaving and the hair is cut in a way to make spikes and ends of hair are pointy. This style looks very attractive and elegant. If you are looking for some Mohawk style for long hairs then don’t worry there is a hairstyle for you as well. For creating this style you have to create cornrows. Some different braiding patterns can be created with cornrows.

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