Messy Hairstyles Medium Hair

If your hair is limp or flat in texture and you do not have the time for washing it. A simple and easy messy hairstyle which you can create within minutes is called lose side braid. You can pull out some hair to loosen the braid further if it look thins. No styling product is required for creating this style and a thick looking braid is just ready in no time without any fuss.

You can also create a messy look in loose hair. You can just leave the hair loose on the back or just push all hair on one shoulder in a messy way. The hair can be accessorized by using some pins or even braids on one side.

You can create a messy out of bed look by just using some gel or any other styling product to create a messy but at the same time manageable style. All you have to do is just use some gel or mousse on wet hair and let it dry just simple as that and you are already.

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