Mermaid Braids Hairstyles 2016 - 2017

The mermaid braids hairstyles 2016 – 2017 are stunning and suit with every outfit especially for casual wear and night parties.The methods to create the mermaid braids are easy to create if you know the techniques of basic braids. The mermaid braid gives more complicated and detailed look. These hairstyles are modern, stylish and elegant.
Here are two different mermaid braids hairstyles for you in 2016.


Twisted mermaid braid:

The twisted mermaid braid can be worn any day. The twisted mermaid braid is created by creating a lot of little twists attached together by making French braid and finishes this by making fishtail braid.

Twisted mermaid braid hairstyle 2016 2017

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1. The first step you have to do is if you have medium hair add some hair extensions, and divide your hair into two sections above your ear.
2. Now divide your hair into three sections, the left side, middle and right side and clip the sections of hair.
3. Then French braid the middle section of your hair; continue braiding the section to the bottom and create fish tail braid.
4. Take up the right section of your hair from the top, twist it all together upwards and pin the twist against the head by using the braid for eager.
5. Repeat the same procedure to the left side.
6. Continue picking up the pieces of the remaining hair and pin up the over the French braid.
7. Pull the ends of the braid to make it look messy.
8. To make your hairstyle look more attractive wear some decorated hair band or ribbon that will make you looks more attractive.


Mermaid style fishtail French braid:

The Mermaid Style Fishtail French Braid is the latest Fishtail French Braid. This hairstyle work perfect forsummers especially for the hot days in which you will feel cool and confortable.

Mermaid Style Fishtail French braid Hairstyles 2016 2017

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
1. Start the hairstyle by deep side part.
2. The first step is dividing your hair into two halves.
3. Take a fragment of hair from the top and by separating a section of your hair from one side and cross it over and add it to the opposite side.
4. The cross a section over and add in a section of your hair from the outside adding it in and create a French braid style. Bring all the section of your hair from the backside and add all the sections in the braid.
5. Then take a section of hair from the backside and cross it over by adding the hair into the other side.
6. Repeat the same steps on the other side of your head and end it with regular fishtail.
7. Tie your braid with elastic band to secure.
8. Finish your hairstyle by spraying hairspray.

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