Medium Long Hairstyles For Men

Medium long hairstyles for men Fashion trends seem to go on a pendulum. Jean silhouettes moved from baggy to skinny and are on their way to baggy again. At the other end of the body, precision and clean cut barbering is the hot trend now so it follows that longer, messier looks are on the horizon. The Men’s Groomer Jason Schneidman predicted this trend and that means it will happen sooner rather than later. Other than celebrities, male models are an excellent place to pick up on the latest trends. Johannes Huebl rocks a preppier version of medium length hair minus the undercut. With length and volume all around, this is cut shows off thick hair so flaunt it if you got it. Wear this Olivia Palermo-approved style natural like above or slick for an extra formal look. At medium length, keep hair from drying out by opting out of the daily shampoo. A little oil build-up keeps hair healthy and does the work of products too. Also, regular brushing will distribute natural oils and keep locks tangle free.


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