Medium Length Hairstyles For Men 2016

Medium length hairstyles for men 2016

based on what the current hairstyle trend is happening in 2016 we have compiled a series of hairstyles for you men to try out and think about the beautiful aspect of how you are going to look great in it. We are going to in this article discuss all the important hairstyles for men who own medium length hair. These killer hairstyles will assure you that only men cannot look sexy but amazing in medium length hairstyles.

Apart medium slicked back look:

This first hairstyle that we have chosen for you that you men can rock your looks in is none other than making your hair more refine. This hairstyle most of the time is known to be worn in a formal occasion. Make sure that you are wearing your look behind the ear.

Steps to have this style:

There are a common number of steps to achieve this hairstyle. We begin with the traditional washing off the hair with a good shampoo that is according to your hair type. Make sure you leave in a well conditioner and afterwards towel dry your hair gently dabbing off any kind of left over moisture. When this dabbing session has been complete you must now apply in a dime size amount of pomade. Make sure to work in that styling product into your hair. Take a comb and brush your hair back. Access your hair with a medium tooth comb and try to rub it down with the help of your fingers so that your fingers assert your hair in one motion at a time. This will help ease the comb lines that were brushed before. Help your hair to air dry so that your hair can set on its own.

Additional information:

The kind of styles that will work with face shapes are of the following 1) heart face shape 2) square face shape 3) oval face shape.

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