Medium Layered Style 2016

Medium layered style 2016:

This next hairstyle that we have chosen for you is a textured hairstyle that brings forth layers. Not only it is styled with perfection but also it is off edge from the face.

Steps to have this style:

To have this hairstyle you must dab off any kind of left over moisture from your damp hair. This should be done with the help of a towel. Make sure you dab your hair not rub your hair. This will make your hair produce friction as well as it shall lead your hair to be frizzier than ever. Take a good amount of size of styling cream and rub it in your hair. Make sure you evenly distribute every part of that amount of styling cream in your hair so that it will help produce more feasibility to your hair when it’s going to be styled. With the minimum pressure make sure that you are blow drying your hair. Make sure you don’t want your hair to frame your face so when you start blow drying your hair make sure you take your hair back. To finish off your hairstyle use a flexible holding spray so that your hair remains still and flexible.

Additional information:

The best face type and face cuts that are going to rock this hairstyle are those men who own a pear face or even an oval face shape will certainly do.

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