Hottest Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2017-2018

Bangs are one of the most ideal approaches to change your look. Adding bangs helps in highlighting the elements and look. There are different approaches to carry bangs, it can be wearing it straight forward, side cleared and slight along the edge. Bangs can be carried with all hair length. Short hair don't look that great with slams yet it rocks into medium and long hair.


Long and incline

A long, attractive side fringe with a smoothed out look is dependably in style! This hairstyle is ideal for women with longer forehead. The bangs starts from the level of shoulder and the length are kept at the shoulder for batter look.


Chic long straight hairstyles for women 2017-2018


Step to achieve the hairstyle

1. Use a hair mousse on damp hair.
2. Keep your hair dry natural when half done, use a paddle brush along a hair dryer and smooth your hair.
3. Apply a serum to the finishes of your hair.
4. Keep the bangs to the preferred side and keep the length straight.
5. This hairstyle works for women with round and square face structure. Hair that is fine to medium works well on this hairstyle.


Short and Sassy

A short and cheeky side periphery with a few twists draws only the appropriate measure of regard for your excellent cosmetics or your splendidly formed eyebrows.


Steps to achieve the hairstyle

1. Start working on dried hair and use little hair curling accessory to twist little segments of hair.
2. Use a round brush to give your bangs some volume at the roots and make them smooth.
3. Spray a holding product for the final touch.

This hairstyle works on fine and medium hair. The hairstyle works on square, oval and heart face structure.


Super Straight

A straight fringe and super straight hair makes for a current, popular look that will make them stop people in their tracks throughout the night! The hairstyle can be carried for formal and informal events.


Steps to achieve the hairstyle

1. Apply a hair mousse on damp hair.
2. Use a paddle brush to smooth your bangs and your hair.
3. Heat up a flat iron and run through the hair to get the perfect straight hair.
4. Apply a holding spray to your finishes.

The hairstyle is ideal for round and square face structure. Hair that is fine to medium in density and naturally straight works well with this hairstyle.


Ravishing and Relaxed

The ravishing and relaxed causal hairstyle is easy and effortless to style. The hairstyle has thin straight bangs with messy or natural dried hair.


Relaxed and casual hairstyles for long hair 2017-2018


How to achieve the style

1. On naturally straight hair with minimal wave, apply a curl cream to wet hair. Use a diffuser to blow dry and create a bit of wave and texture.
2. Use a paddle brush to smooth out your bangs.
3. Apply a holding product to the ends of your hair.

The hairstyle work son round and heart face structure. Hair that is fine to medium is ideal for this hairstyle.

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