Long Hairstyles For Men With Thick Hair

Long hairstyles for men with thick hair This type of hair can be difficult to manage but I hope that by following some of my simple guidelines you will be able to get the most from your cut. There will be a lot to consider, but all of these tips are guaranteed to make life so much easier for you in the long run. Firstly, thick hair needs to be looked after properly. A large percentage of guys still don’t invest in a decent shampoo or conditioner, but it’s vital to use high quality products in order to keep your specific hair type in its very best condition. Secondly, choosing the right haircut is extremely important. Be realistic with your choice of hairstyle and think about the amount of time you have to spend styling it every day. The biggest issue guys with thick, wavy hair have is that they expect it to simply fall into place without any work or effort. Texture is key with this type of hair, so a barber who uses clippers for the whole haircut is not going to provide you with what your hair needs to look good. Other ways of creating texture within a haircut is through colouring. Now, many guys won’t even entertain the thought of having their hair coloured but I’m sure that is because when I mention colour to my male clients they instantly think of having bleach in their hair. I have colour in my hair to create texture – it’s not about being bold, it’s about adding different tones to avoid the hair looking like one solid block colour. This is especially true for dark brown or black hair, which is very difficult to create any form of texture or definition.

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