Long Hairstyles 2016

Long hairstyles 2016 are unique in that they make women look feminine. Long hair gives women the chance to apply different styles and express their inner feelings and aspirationsthrough style. Long hairstyles have always remained popular among women of all ages because it can perfectly fit any type of face shape. In short, long hairstyles would make you appear cool and amazing.

Layered and feather cuts
Long hairstyles 2016 are led by the layered and feather cut trends, both seemingly same, but actually different. If you decide the layered hairstyle for your long hair, it will add more texture and volume to your hair while the feather hairstyle will add little change to your look.Moreover,a long featured hairstyle will help you to highlight your face features and make yourself more prominent. This hairstyle is really unique and amazing and women mostly prefer and go for feather cuts. Simple feather hairstyles for 2016 will help you to show the world your charm and personality.

Crimped hairstyles
When it comes to achieving exclusive and awe-inspired hairstyles, crimped hairstyles dash in with their unique and amazing features. Women indeed love to wear it on their long hair and it is really worthy to try it.This hairstyle is popular among all women, especially celebrities and other public personas who most of the times remain in public views.

Half up half down hairstyle
There arediffident ways to style your long hair in 2016 to create a half up half down hairstyle. This hairstyle comeswith a unique idea for women to try and find new ways of dealing with their long hair to enhance their appearance and look more charming. This hairstyle is very easy to easy; just take your hair from both sides and pin them up in the back of your head. To make your hairstyle even more unique, you can use some colorful hair accessories.

Simple up do with bangs
This hairstyle is the simplest hairstyle for long hair in 2016, as simple looks more beautiful. Simple up do hairstyles will be something very interesting for you in the coming year. You can wear it formal events and look elegant. This hairstyle will also help to frame your face. It is easy to achieve and maintain. Moreover, it is perfect for majority face structures.
Chic high bun for straight hair

Women like buns,and the chic high bun for straight hair comes with some amazing touches and additions in 2016. It is all time popular among celebrities, models and women who work in the fashion industry. Models especially wear high buns. However, the catch is that this hairstyle is for women with straight, long hair. The good news is that it can be achieved without much effort and can easily be maintained.


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