Long Curly Hairstyles For Men

Long curly hairstyles for men Men with curls can embrace their hair type by wearing it long like Entourage’s Adrian Grenier‘s signature style or tame it like Justin Timberlake most often chooses to do. If neither of these appeal to you, there are a range of options between these two extremes. While curly hair can be handful, this textured and full hair type is a gift. Rather than trying to wear hair in straight styles, adapt your favorite looks for the hair you have. In the picture above, the vintage-inspired undercut with slick hair is worn with curls. It’s exactly the same to style, minus the comb. Simply work one of the best products for curly hair through damp locks and push hair into place with fingers. This slicked style keeps hair in place while letting curls do their thing. All modern pomades are flexible and can be reworked throughout the day or night if necessary.

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