Long Curly Hairstyles 2016 With Braids

Long curly hairstyles 2016 with braids is all about infusing braids and curly hairstyle all in one. We have been aware that braids have been extremely trending and are in common these days so it won’t be any less than different in 2016 because braids are extremely going to be famous and on power this year. Braids can come in all different ways and all sort of ways such as waterfall braid even a fishtail braid or it may be of an everyday three strand braid which is common and simple. Braids are known to add decency, modesty as well as style giving it the extra touch of flair to any style and bringing it the most stylish look that you can possibly imagine.

This article brings forth different braids of long curly hairstyles of 2016 that will help you get not only in the groove but style and make you a whole lot different than you looked like in the past. These hairstyles have been approved and are good to go so do not be at all hesitant in trying out these fabulous hairstyles and tell us how did you like these long curly hairstyles that are blended with not only curls but also with braids.

Long curly bombshell hair with braids:
This first hairstyle will be the perfect kind of hairstyle that is infusing and helping to blend in two aspects of what we call fashion/style. We shall be watching a well polished look fading into a messy look which will help modernize the way you look like never before. This hairstyle shall accompany a French braid that will look absolutely breath taking and you certainly won’t complain while you watch yourself transform in the mirror.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
• Since by name we know that this hairstyle comprises of a curly aspect to it we shall start off with handing ourselves or the stylists a small iron (curling rod) which will help us assist to curl our hair.
• The next step is to ensure that you have curled every part of your hair. Remember to use a small curling rod. To achieve maximum volume you must tease your hair from the crown so that your hair is able to build some body into it. This will also help your hair to create some volume from the back of your head as well.
• The third step to acquire this hairstyle is by starting from the middle you must make a French braid. This French braid must finish off from the nape of your neck but start off from the side of your head.
• The fourth step is to use your fingers and loosen the braid up so that it helps you give a messy look (keeping the neatness as well). Try not to make it too messy we do want that neatness as well.
• While making this messy look if your hair starts to fall out of the braid not to panic since this isn’t a sophisticated look and is more of a messy look you can always use bobby pins to secure any kind of hair which is disturbing the whole look.

Additional information:
To have this hairstyle anyone is welcome. There is no face shape restriction; candidates who are looking to make their face a bit slimmer than usual are welcome to try this hairstyle. People who own long hair which are of thick density are recommended as fine hair might not stay persistent in this kind of hairstyle. Before you start to tease your hair and start backcombing you can always go through your hair by spraying in some dry shampoo. This dry shampoo will prove as an excellent base to your braids and will help your roots to stop excreting so much oil which help your hairstyle to last longer. By the end we can only say that we are not looking for perfection in this hairstyle. We want that this hairstyle be a blend of both messy and neatness so that you can wear it not only on casual days but also on some occasion (as your hairstyle shall blend in accordance with the event theme).

Long curly braid multi-masterpiece:
This next hairstyle that we are about to discuss shall contain of detail that is very refined and subtle. The braids that are woven in this hairstyle will add plenty of detail to your hair as well as to your outfit so we do recommend that whenever you try to use this 2016’s trending hairstyle you must know that you are making yourself highlight so be prepared when you take up this hairstyle because it definitely requires you to dress yourself up and enjoy a night out.

Steps to achieve this hairstyle:
• The first step to this hairstyle is to part your hair into a five inch section from either side of your head.
• You can either start twisting or braiding those above mentioned sections and make sure that those reaches your ear.
• You can secure once you are done twisting/braiding with hair ties that are super and extremely clear.
• To hide the hair ties you can start curling your hair (which is the remaining portion).
• Try to place those curls where they can easily be a source to camfolouge your hair ties.

Additional information:
To begin with first we would say that this hairstyle although is meant for long hair but can also work with short hair because either way this hairstyle will help smoothen and soften any kind of harshness and sharpness that is related to your feature. To make your look trendy and stylish you can add a braid extra which will help you discover a whole new opportunity.


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